The Cooper School Daily

Week of November 14th

Our First Graders enjoyed a fun-filled week leading up to Thanksgiving Break! 

Words Their Way

Our students love the new spelling curriculum! Each week, students are given a set of words to sort into categories. After practice sorting and working with small groups, students are invited to do a weekly “word hunt” on the carpet! First Graders loved using their investigation skills to search books for favorite words on their lists. 

Addition with Teens

Our students have taken on a new challenge in this math unit: addition with teen numbers! Students have been focusing on how a teen number is composed of one ten and some ones. In the activity below, a student drew a number 14 card from a deck. Then, she represented the teen number on a double ten frame using counters. After that, she recorded the number as the equation ten + four. These activities build the foundation for “number sense” a key skill which will aid them in future math endeavors! 

Gratitude Writing

Our students worked hard this week to publish their very own Gratitude Books! We loved taking a pause from our busy schedule to focus on the many things we have to give thanks for. This Cooper School tradition also makes for a wonderful keepsake to revisit over the years! 

We are grateful for each and every member of our First Grade Family! We hope you all enjoy a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Break. 

Upcoming Dates

November 21st-25th Thanksgiving Break 

December 14th Choir Performance 1:45-2:30

December 16th Pajama Day (½ day)

December 19th-January 2nd Winter Break