The Cooper School Daily

Week of November 28th

It has been a fun-filled first week back from Thanksgiving Break! Here are a few highlights from this week:


This week, First Grade Explorers dove into the study of Earth’s Five Oceans! Students researched in atlases to discover and label each Ocean’s location on the map. Students also learned about the four cardinal directions and how they are utilized as tools in navigation. 


Our student’s love our Text to Talk vocabulary curriculum! Each week, we read aloud a picture book which highlights various useful words for students to implement into their vocabulary. This week’s book was Tikki Tikki Tembo and included words such as “custom”, “honored”, and “foolish”. Below, a student illustrates the meaning of each word during morning work time. 


Our students have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming Winter Choir concert! Mr. Alton has prepared a lovely compilation of pieces to celebrate the holiday season. Please be sure to fill out and return both the permission slip and transportation form as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. We are so excited to celebrate all your students have accomplished in Choir so far this year!

Upcoming Dates

December 14th Choir Performance 1:45-2:30

December 16th Pajama Day (½ day)

December 19th-January 2nd Winter Break