The Cooper School Daily

Week of November 7th

First Grade entomologists wrapped up their Insect Study with an adventure to Cypress Gardens! In the field, our scientists worked alongside Cypress Gardens’ experts to identify various flora and fauna in the area. Together, we identified many species and expanded our understanding of the natural world. Here are a few highlights of the trip.

The Swamp Boats

After arriving at Cypress Gardens and meeting our guides we set off on a boat ride through the black water swamp. Students got to touch various kinds of plants and spot frogs, turtles, egrets, and woodpeckers! A class favorite was the huge Pileated Woodpecker, which landed up close and whose call could be heard throughout the swamp.

Dip Netting

After the boat ride students teamed up in pairs to fish for interesting specimens near the water’s edge. Together we found tadpoles, snails, and various small species of fish! Excitement filled the air as students celebrated one another’s findings before returning them safely to the wild.

Arthropod Adventure

Last but not least, our guides gave us an informational lesson on arthropods, the phylum of animals which includes insects, arachnids, crustaceans and more! Students came face to face with exciting species such as a Death’s Head Cockroach and a Tarantula! 

After the Arthropod Adventure, we wrapped up the trip with a visit to the Butterfly House and a chance to play on the enormous playground. We cannot wait for our next big expedition together as a class!

Thank you again to all parents who attended parent teacher conferences earlier this week. We loved being able to meet with you and talk about your wonderful students! Please take note of these upcoming dates on our calendar.

Upcoming Dates

November 18th Harvest Festival (½ Day)

November 21st-25th Thanksgiving Break (No School)