The Cooper School Daily

Week of October 10th

It has been a week full of inquiry and discovery in First Grade! Our entomologists have been learning about the life cycles of honey bees and symmetry in nature as well as collecting items to observe in our insect museum. Each day the excitement about our study grows as students expand their knowledge about the wonders of the world of insects!

Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

First Grade scientists are busy learning about the life cycles of various insects. This week, we focused on the honey bee life cycle from egg, larva, to adult. In addition to learning about insect life cycles students have been reading informational texts on various insects to start off their research projects!

Symmetry in Nature

Mathematical patterns are present in nature all around us! Below, Sam identifies symmetrical markings on a butterfly’s wings. Together we discovered that each marking on the butterfly is symmetrical, down to the number of dots lining the tips of the wings!

Insect Museum

Thank you to all of the families who contributed specimens to our insect museum! Our students have loved examining our specimens and recording their observations. Please feel free to continue collecting (non-living) insects to contribute to our museum! We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things our students discover.

Upcoming Dates

October 17th & 18th Fall Break (No School)

October 20th: Coffee in the Backyard 8:15-9:00

October 31st Halloween Carnival ½ Day

November 1st Teacher Work Day (No School)