The Cooper School Daily

Week of October 19th

It has been an action-packed short week of First Grade! Here are a few things we have been up to this week:

Insect Research

Our entomologists are hard at work researching insects for our projects! Below, a student records facts that he has learned so far about Monarch Butterflies. This reading, writing, and science integration project has our students using all the tools in their toolbox to create their most detailed and high level work!

Insect Museum

Our insect museum is almost complete! So far we have a cockroach, a cicada, a black beetle, a bumble bee, a house moth, an earwig, a Florida Leaf Footed Bug, a hornet, a grasshopper, and a dragonfly. When you are out and about with your children please be on the lookout for insects not currently on our list to add to our museum! We will start on our final research projects at the beginning of next week. 

We hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend! Please take note of the following events coming up on our calendar: 

October 31st Halloween Carnival (½ Day)

November 1st Teacher Work Day (No School)

November 4th Project Presentation 

November 7th & 8th Conference Days (½ Days)

November 11th Veterans Day Breakfast 

November 18th Harvest Festival (½ Day)

November 21st-25th Thanksgiving Break (No School)