The Cooper School Daily

Week of October 3rd

Spooky Season is here! First Graders enjoyed a fun-filled week getting into the spirit of Halloween, learning about parts of an ant, and collecting specimens for our insect study.

The “Boo-ing”

First Graders were thrilled to discover that our class got “Boo-ed” over the weekend! Our students were so surprised and were convinced a “Halloween Witch” had visited our classroom. Thank you so much to all families who participated in the “Boo-ing” and to our parent volunteers who helped with making the magic happen!

Parts of an Ant

Our insect study continued this week with an investigation of Parts of an Ant! Students learned facts about ants such as that they feel & smell with their antennas and that their mouths are called mandibles. We also learned fun facts about ants such as that they live on every continent in the world and that they live in large groups called colonies.

Insect Museum

Students have been collecting items from our classroom backyard to contribute to our insect museum! Beginning next week we will display our insect museum for observation during afternoon centers. If your child discovers something interesting for the insect museum at home (a butterfly wing, a piece of honeycomb, ect) please feel free to send in the item in a container to school!

Upcoming Dates

October 17th & 18th Fall Break (No School)

October 20th: Coffee in the Backyard 8:15-9:00

October 31st Halloween Carnival ½ Day

November 1st Teacher Work Day (No School)