The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Back!

September 9-13


Drama with Charleston Stage was added this week and the students had the opportunity to practice “actor’s focus” as they learned lines in small groups, responded in games, engaged in directed movement, and enjoyed call and response songs. This activity continued for the whole week!


The book The Principal’s New Clothes was used as a read-aloud to introduce new vocabulary for the week. These words were used all week as “words in action”. The week’s vocabulary words were acted out to aid in comprehension. i.e. the word “trickster”- children decided that acting out an April Fool’s trick would be a good example of the word!


Our scholars used name writing (their own and others) as a tool to recognize letter sounds and blends.

Writing Workshop

For each scholar, our writing focused on the Hopes and Dreams for the school year. They reviewed the steps to a finished product- think, plan, write, and revise. Our revision step was the focus this week as we worked toward our final document. The students used these same hopes and dreams later in the week to generate our class rules. Their thoughtful responses are listed on the wall to remind us of our choices.


Pair bonds were introduced for 6, 7, and 8 and active learning was employed to reinforce those concepts. Stories were valuable tools and additionally, children lined up to demonstrate those same pair bonds. Students brainstormed ideas to answer, “What does a good mathematician do?” and came up with, “check your work”, “talk about math”, “faster isn’t better”, etc. Good thinkers all!

Purposeful Movement

Enjoy the pictures of our weighted ball activity and the lesson on muscle groups!

Important Dates:

Monday, September 16: K, 1st Grade & 5th Grade Curriculum Night

Friday, September 20: First Grade Cypress Gardens Field Trip


Erin and Nancy