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Welcome Back 2nd Graders

Welcome Back !!

Second Graders are bursting with excitement and joy to be back in school! We began this week by building our classroom community, reviewing procedures and getting to know each other!! Scholars enjoyed participating in getting-to-know-you activities and games. This year we will be studying a lot of fun and stimulating topics!

Meet our Class Pets !
Second Graders were introduced to our class pet on Thursday. This year our class will host Green Tree Frogs. The students learned all about the tree frogs and their needed care. After taking a closer look, Second Grade artists drew the tree frogs in their classroom habitat. The name of our class tree frogs are Emerald and Raindrop.

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Scholars immediately became acquainted with the classroom tools by starting the year off with a classroom scavenger hunt. Scholars wandered the room and found certain objects to familiarize the location of them. Scholars used their amazing math skills to count the number of objects we had throughout the class. Ask your scholar all about our classroom and the fun things we found in the scavenger hunt!

Important Dates:

Monday, September 2nd          Labor Day/ No school

Tuesday, September 24th          2nd-5th Grade Curriculum Night