The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Back!

gerbil_PicMorning Meeting

This week, your 4th Grade participated in Whole School Morning Meeting and Classroom Morning Meeting each day, as well as Close of Day on Friday afternoon. This is a routine that is near and dear to the hearts of The Cooper School community. The purpose of Morning Meeting is to create a sense of significance and belonging while having a little fun and connecting to the curriculum. This week, our focus was on learning some new activities and modeling the classroom and school rules. One of our favorite activities was the 3 Things game, and one of our favorite greetings was the Group Wave. Ask your child what they liked best about Morning Meeting.

kuffin_and_morganHopes and Dreams

Your dreamers dug deep this week to share what their hopes and dreams are for this year. Our hopes and dreams are things we hope to accomplish as the year progresses. Some of our hopes and dreams were academic related and some of them were social goals. It was beautiful to see each child encouraging each other as we shared our hopes and dreams. Our hopes and dreams will be the driving force for creating classroom rules. We are working hard to set ourselves up for success in 4th Grade! Ask your child what their hope and dream is for the year.

Class Pet

On Friday, students got acquainted with our class pets, Ben and Jerry, while researching gerbils on their iPads. They learned all about how to care for our pets, including what they like to eat and how often their cage needs to be cleaned. Ask your child to share one fun fact that they learned about gerbils with you!