The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Back!

IMG_0190Welcome Back

Back to school! 5th grade has such a beautiful week back. I am so thrilled to begin our Capstone year with your curious scholars. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had these students in Math last year, and be able to get to know them even better this year. I believe it will allow us to go deeper in our learning. This year I am looking forward to our Mystery Reading unit, the Science Fair, and our volleyball study trips.

Fun in 5th Grade

This week, we focused on getting to know each other and practicing our routines to set us up for a successful year. One of our favorite get-to-know-you activities was the “Can you guess?” game. In this game, each student wrote 3 facts about themselves that not many people know. Then, throughout the day, I would read the facts off the card and the class would guess who wrote it. We had some giggles and learned a lot about each other.

IMG_0193Green River Preserve

First up in our exciting Capstone Year is our study trip to Green River Preserve. The dates for this trip are Tuesday, September 8 through Friday, September 11. Please look for the permission forms and information letter coming home in the HW folders this coming week.