The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Back from Winter Break!

It has been so great to be back at The Cooper School and to hear about all of the students’ breaks! This week has been really good for getting everyone back into the routine and back on track with school work. We cannot wait for the rest of this year and to see how the middle schoolers continue to grow in their studies.  

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Sixth graders explored photosynthesis and transpiration this week! They observed the stomata and guard cells in celery leaves using microscopes. They witnessed the process of transpiration by bagging leaves on trees outside with rubber bands and seeing what water was released into the bag overnight. They also considered the importance of carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight for the process of photosynthesis so that plants can create their own sugars for themselves and other organisms. Sixth grade started a new project where they will be researching plants that changed history. Don’t forget that we will head to James Island County Park for a program about the food web in the salt marsh on Monday!

What’s up in ELA?

Happy New Year! This week in ELA, your sixth graders were introduced to MLA Style which specifies guidelines for formatting manuscripts and citing sources (Purdue Owl). They were given resources to add to their writing notebooks about MLA, so please review the concepts with them. Your students will be learning about writing literary essays in this unit. I will provide short stories for them to read and write about. Reading homework has also started this week. Students will be expected to read for 20 minutes each day and complete a reading log entry of their choice. They are allowed to read any realistic fiction book. I will be checking their logs every day, collecting their logs on Fridays, and returning their logs and rubrics on Monday. Please sign their rubrics. Finally, we will begin working on grammar week eleven on Monday. Every Friday, your students will be introduced to figurative language and complete a brief quiz on their grammar concepts.

What’s going on in Math?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have started our week fresh with a new unit! This week, we started solving equations – which is one of my favorite concepts to teach! Students were able to use tape diagrams and hanger balances to understand how to solve for a missing variable. We are moving into learning a step-by-step procedure so that students can solve equations without using diagrams. 

What’s happening in Social Studies?

Welcome back! This week the students were able to take a look at the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War in Ancient Greece. We then continued our journey into Greek Mythology. Students were assigned a Greek god or goddess to create a poster about. 

Next week, the students will present their findings to the class. Students will then continue through their greek studies and even create an “instagram” page of Socrates or Plato. 

Important Dates:

  • January 9th: Field Trip to James Island County Park
  • January 16th: MLK Day-no school