The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Back Third Graders !!

Field Trip   

On Tuesday our scholars took a field trip to James Island County Park. Scholars went on a nature walk looking for animals and structures of life. Third graders were able to see two different types of nests, one that was made by a bird and one that was made by a squirrel. We had the opportunity to scoop up and observe different types of insects and fish in the ponds with nets. We ended our field trip using microscopes to take a closer look at the insects we caught. Ask your scholar what was their favorite part of this field trip! 

Meeting the Crayfish

This week, Third Grade scientists eagerly welcomed crayfish friends into our classroom. Students quickly got to work observing the unique appearance and behaviors of these gilled-friends! Science groups observed the structures of the crayfish and discussed how these special features help the crayfish survive in their environment. Through close observation, students analyzed the details of crayfish life and behaviors while further developing sensitivity to the needs of living things. It has been so exciting to meet our crayfish friends!

Test Prep

This week Third Graders did a test prep unit. In May students will begin ERB testing. This week we took time to go over good test taking skills and how to pull information from passages. Scholars learned how to rule out answers that don’t match at all. Our scholars really focused hard this week and will be prepared when testing arrives.

Important Dates: 

  • April 22nd – “Flourish” TCS Spring Auction & Gala (6pm-11pm)

April 26th- Spring Choir Concert (1:45-2:15 pm)