The Cooper School Daily

Welcome December!

We Are Avid Readers!
Kindergarten launched into a new unit this week in Reading Workshop!  These young readers are learning that “Avid Readers” are people that love reading so much that they can hardly stop! We studied pictures to notice the things that “Avid Readers” do and discovered that these readers read a lot of books, in all kinds of places, and always keep new books ready to read because they can’t stop reading! Kindergarteners are learning the importance of really paying attention to the books they read and how characters have feelings that change throughout books. Ask your child what they know about being “Avid Readers”!

Stretching Words & Recording Sounds
Students spent the week practicing stretching out words. We are working toward mastering labeling their illustrations, and were reminded that the first step is to find the sound of the first letter in the word! They started by just labeling the first letter of the words they are trying to write and were so excited to write down all of the things they know. It was especially heartwarming as Kindergarteners used stuffed animals to illustrate, followed by a label of the first letter in the type of critter they were cuddling up to! We are so proud of our hard working writers!

Sounds of the Season
Kindergarteners got the chance to help with an exciting Cooper School project last week! Students joined forces with Third Grade friends to make beautiful ornaments of sticks, yarn, and bells. They were also excited for the chance to learn a new skill from Fourth Grade role models: finger knitting! Kindergarteners, along with the whole school, contributed to long chains to be used as garland. With all of the festive decorations we’ve created, Ms. Marsha headed downtown to decorate a Christmas tree in Marion Square with our 2019 theme, Sounds of the Season.

Important Dates
December 6th- K-2 Movie Night
December 11th- St. Andrew’s Gymnasium Trip
December 12th- Best Christmas Pageant Ever at The Dock Street Theater
December 18th- St. Andrew’s Gymnasium Trip
December 20th- Pajama Day (11:30 Dismissal)
December 21st-January 5th- Winter Break
January 6th- School Resumes