The Cooper School Daily

Welcome November!

How To Eat Fried Worms

Third Graders are about halfway through their fourth Read Aloud book of the year. Students have been perplexed, disgusted, and amazed following the story of four friends who dare to eat fifteen worms. The boys try the worms fried, boiled, and even in ketchup and mustard. Third Graders are eager to hear the trials of the boys’ experimental cuisine.


Our class has come so far in their nonfiction writing. As students finish each chapter of their informational books, they then begin the editing process. This week, students worked in pairs to read and give feedback on each others’ instructional text. Third Graders are thrilled to be one step closer to publishing their work!

Specials Spotlight: Art

As part of their Social Studies Change Makers projects, students worked with Ms. Kerry this week on portraits of their chosen subjects for our November 16th presentation. Students will use these portraits like masks to present their persuasive speeches to their visitors. Our class has been thrilled to explore so many creative ways to piece together their final projects.


Important Dates:

  • November 12th & 13th – Conferences
  • November 16th – Community Change Makers Presentation (2:00pm)
  • November 16th- Picture Day
  • November 20th – Harvest Feast (11:30am Dismissal)
  • November 21st-23rd – Thanksgiving Break