The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Rosie!

Writing Workshop
Kindergartners were so excited to complete their “teaching books” this week all about topics they know best! Students illustrated their stories and stretched out the sounds of their words on the page. After working on their first writing projects, our class was excited to share their completed work with partners in our class. Students showed and told their partners about each picture and label. We loved learning all about their expertise in swimming underwater, mermaids, and how to play soccer!

Animals 2×2
This week, students kicked off our Animals 2×2 Science unit by beginning our fish study. Kindergarteners welcomed a new betta fish friend, Rosie, into our classroom. Students have been so excited to observe him swimming in circles in his fishbowl and to the surface of the water at feeding time. Kindergarteners spent the week noticing and describing the structures of fish, counting their fins, and learning all about the way they use their gills. We were thrilled to the gills watching our curious learners discover new fish facts this week!

Getting Artsy!
Kindergarteners were excited for Wednesday this week when Ms. Libby, our favorite art teacher, stopped by our classroom! Ms. Libby always has the most fun projects planned for us. This week, Kindergarteners got the opportunity to use sharpies to create Fall trees on paper. Students then used colored pencils to fill in the shades of the Fall leaves in the tree, as well as its trunk and the blue sky. We look forward to Art every week!

Important Dates
Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night
October 9th- Distance Learning Day
October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (No School)