The Cooper School Daily

Welcome to 2016!

IMG_4395Make Some Noise!

Third Graders launched a new unit investigating sound during science this week! Students participated in a Drop Challenge to explore their ability to discriminate various sounds. During the Drop Challenge student pairs listened to sounds made by objects dropped into a drop chamber and attempted to identify each object from its sound. Third Graders made careful observations and discovered that sounds have identifiable characteristics. Students collaborated to brainstorm the many different ways that sounds can convey information in our world. Brave scholars worked to develop a code by assigning letters of the alphabet to a selection of objects dropped into the drop chambers. Using this sound code, students were able to send messages to one another during our investigation. Third Graders even discovered how sounds are made through explorations with tuning forks and water, cups and string, and an electronic tone generator and beans!

Opinion Writers

This week, brave writers dove back into writing workshop with great enthusiasm! Writers chose a “seed idea” to focus on as they work toward convincing others to agree with their opinion writing. This “seed idea” will grow into a convincing opinion essay delivered as a speech! Third Graders collected evidence for their opinions by first gathering all they knew about their topic and planning for their research. Writers found convincing ways to support their opinions by gathering reasons and evidence through giving examples, facts, and details in their writing. With this new abundance of information in their writing, students then worked towards organization and categorization of their evidence. Third Graders learned that one way to make their speeches more persuasive is to provide examples to show what they are saying! Stay tuned and be ready to be persuaded by these brave writers!

One Word

Each year at The Cooper School students and teachers participate in choosing One Word to usher themselves into the new year with a mindful focus for the year that lies ahead. During whole school morning meetings this week students discussed ideas and motivations for their words. Third Graders carefully chose a word which carried great personal meaning for them. Check-in with your young scholar and ask them what they chose for their One Word for 2016!IMG_4432