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Welcome to Ancient Egypt!

Social Studies

This week in Fourth Grade, our science unit came to a close. Although we are so sad to be done with this fun unit, we are so excited to move into our new Social Studies unit: Ancient Civilizations. During this unit, students will investigate Ancient Egypt and Greece! To kick off our new unit, we became archeologists! Each student was given a square to dig in on the playground. Ask your archeologist what they found! 


Authors published their Realistic Fiction stories this week! Students had the opportunity to showcase all of their hard work by reading their stories to their classmates. Ask your student to share their story with you if they haven’t already!


On Wednesday, Fourth Graders became engineers! During centers, students were challenged to build the tallest structure they could using only 20 spaghetti sticks and one marshmallow! It was so interesting seeing all the different designs!

Important Dates:

  • October 18-19: Fall Break