The Cooper School Daily

Welcome to Another Great Year!


We got to see Sphero in action on Wednesday. Students got to brainstorm what they’d like to teach Sphero to do this year. Some of the ideas include “go through a maze,” “jump,” and “say Llamas are awesome!” Students will spend some of their center time throughout the year learning about what coding is and what it can do. I can’t wait to see them work hard to make Sphero do all of the tricks they have come up with!  


In our read aloud, we’ve started “The Best School Year Ever” by Barbara Robinson. We are loving reading all about the Herdman’s crazy adventures, from “tattooing” a kidnapped baby to putting their cat in a laundromat’s washing machine! Some of the other books that we will be reading this year include: “Home of the Brave,” “The Thief of Always,” and “Any Which Wall.” 

Our Classroom

We have spent much of this week getting back into the routines of The Cooper School. The students are learning where everything is in the classroom, how our academic workshops will flow, and all about our newest class pets! Our mice were given their names, “Lil’ Sno” and Grognak. We learned about their habitats, care, and many other interesting facts. 

Important Dates:

  • Monday, 9/2 Labor Day – No School
  • Tuesday, 9/3 – Friday, 9/6 – GRP
  • Wednesday, 9/11 Parent Coffee (8am in the TCS Backyard)
  • Tuesday, 9/24 2nd-5th Curriculum Night