The Cooper School Daily

Welcome To Kindergarten!

Getting To Know Kindergarten

We were so excited to welcome new Kindergarteners to school this week. Students began their Cooper School journey introducing themselves and getting to know their classmates, exploring their school and classroom materials and learning new games to play with their friends. Kindergarteners blew us away with their bravery as they proudly told their classmates all about themselves, some of their favorite things, and the things they hope to learn about this year. We are so excited for an amazing Kinder-year ahead!

Glue Certificate

This week, Kindergarteners were challenged to use glue appropriately in the classroom. Students were given dot sheets and scraps of paper, and were asked to glue scraps to the dots on the page. With a few reminders, crafters became experts at using just a dot of glue. They’ve reminded us several times, “a dab will do!” After completing their glue training, Kindergarteners were proud to earn their glue certificates and permission to use glue this year!

Important Dates:
September 6th – Labor Day (No School)
September 22nd – Virtual Curriculum Night