The Cooper School Daily

Welcome to Second Grade

Our Class Pet

This week we explored books and diagrams learning about our class frog, Neon! Neon is a green tree frog that lives in the 2nd Grade. Students were so eager to read various types of frog books to learn more about their class pet. In the end, the class came together and each student shared a fun fact about frogs! It was so great to learn new things about Neon the frog! Students are excited to monitor and take care of our class pet this school year.

Time Capsule

On our first day of school students began to put together their Second Grade time capsule! In this capsule there will be many different elements that will remind them of all the fun times they had in 2nd Grade, and how much they will grow as students over the school year. Each student will begin by adding a self portrait as well as a piece of yarn that is the same height as they are right now in order to see how much they have grown by the end of the year. To finish up our time capsule the students wrote a letter to their future selves. The letter included questions and goals for their future self to be opened at the end of Second Grade!

Math Measurements about Me!

In math this week the students measured their heights in centimeters and inches with rulers. With their partners, they cut a piece of string that is their exact height. Then, using a ruler, they measured the string to see how tall they are in both centimeters and inches! Many students were eager to know how tall they were, and how much they grew over the summer. This information will be added to their time capsules to be opened at the end of the year!

Important Dates:  

  • September  5th- Labor Day ( No School)
  • September 14th – Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:30pm)