The Cooper School Daily

Welcome To Third Grade!

Fantastic First Week

We are so excited to kick off our year in Third Grade! Students have spent the week getting to know new friends who have joined us, and becoming comfortable in our classroom with a new routine. Third Graders started the week by creating and analyzing a birthday picture graph! Students were shocked to find that we would not be celebrating any birthdays in January or February! We’ve spent the week discussing Hopes and Dreams, diving into reading, as well as working on some fun math activities.



This week, Third Grade started our first read aloud book, The World According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney. Students were totally engaged listening to the sweet story of Humphrey the hamster, the classroom pet of Room 26. Students are loving the story about a hamster as we patiently wait for our class pet, Jerry the Gerbil, to return from his vacation!




Third Graders began their Physics of Sound science module this week, where they are learning about how sound travels, and how our ears work. Students experimented and tried identifying objects by the sounds they make when they are dropped. Third Graders will be working on their ability to discriminate sounds and brainstorming words to describe the sounds made.



Important Dates:

  • September 3rd – Labor Day (No School)
  • September 4th – Parent Coffee (8am in TCS Backyard)
  • September 17th-21st – Drama with Charleston Stage
  • September 27th – 1st-5th Grade Curriculum Night