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Welcoming the New Year with One Word!

One Word

Each year at The Cooper School students take time to refocus and set intentions for the New Year by choosing our One Word to carry us into another year of learning and living. We do this by discussing ways that we want to move forward in our scholarly and personal lives. Students choose a word, which is meaningful to them, explain why they chose the word and how it will help them in their daily lives. Our words will be posted in the classroom to help students self-monitor and reference them throughout the remainder of the 2018 school year! Ask your First Grader what they chose as their One Word and how it will help usher them through 2018!

Polar Biome Discoveries

This was an exciting week of Polar discoveries for First Grade friends! Students were thrilled to make connections to our recent snowy weather as they investigated the unique permafrost soil and ecosystem of the Arctic Tundra. Scholars read a variety of non-fiction texts and made so many discoveries about the plants, animals, and people that have adapted to the frigid climate in the Polar Biome. In learning centers, students learned about the dangers of snow-blindness caused by the sun reflecting light on the snow. First Grade friends compared snow goggles from a long time ago, to snow goggles now, and even created their very own pair of Inuit snow goggles!

Stop and Summarize

First Grade non-fiction readers have added many tools to their non-fiction reader’s tool belt! This week scholars practiced stopping to summarize after reading a page in their non-fiction texts. When readers stop to summarize at the end of a page, it helps them understand what they have just read. Reading partners practiced sharing their summaries with their partner and even recorded a fact from their reading!

Important Dates:

Monday, Jan. 15th              MLK Jr. Day/ No School

Thursday, Jan. 25th             Art Walk, 8:00 AM

Tuesday, Jan. 30th              The Opinion Pages Publishing Party, 8:15