The Cooper School Daily

Welcoming Winter


Readers have been creating work plans for what they are doing in their own reading. They are enjoying working with partners to discover new theories about the characters in their books. Readers are beginning to notice patterns in a character’s actions and feelings, and are using those patterns to discover a deeper theory about the character. 


Third Grade mathematicians became detectives this week during Wednesday centers. The mustached detectives had to solve hidden clues to figure out an unknown number. The detectives then switched gears and turned into winter holiday researchers. Each researcher was given a country and got to discover what winter holiday was celebrated in that location. We are excited to start our research as a class on the Scandanavian holiday– St. Lucia Day!

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we learned so much about the geography of South Carolina! Students took time to research one of the six landform regions of South Carolina and then presented their interesting facts and locations to their classmates. They also mapped the 5 major rivers of South Carolina. Moving from geographic boundaries to political boundaries, students learned about the counties and cultural regions of South Carolina. 

Important Dates:

December 18th- Pajama Day: 11:30 Dismissal

December 21st-January 4th: Winter Break

January 5th- Students return to school!

January 18th- MLK Day: No School