The Cooper School Daily

What a Wonderful Week!


Fourth Graders embarked on a journey through Greek mythology during Reading Workshop this week. Students learned how to identify myths by taking a close look at the characters, plot and setting. Next, they took a closer look at the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, noticing that they could infer character traits through the author’s words.


Fourth Graders began a new science unit this week learning all about the human body. Scientists have been counting up the bones in their torso, arms, legs, and head. After all the calculating was done, students concluded an adult skeleton has 206 bones in their body. Students took turns observing each other’s movements while jumping rope. Then, they discussed and argued the skeleton’s function within the body. The most important lesson learned this week, however, is that the human body is one amazing structure!

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

This week we completed our first field trip to James Island County Park for kayaking and paddle boarding lessons. We had a blast! We started with paddle boarding and students learned the proper way to sit, stand and kneel on their boards and how to do a pivot turn.  We had beautiful weather and a lovely day on the water!

Important Dates

Tuesday, May 1st                          Poet Muse Presentation at 8:15am

Friday, May 4th                            Grandparents and Special Friends                                                                   Day (10am – 11:30am dismissal)

Friday, May 4th                            Pass-It-On (5pm-6pm @ The                                                                            Charleston Museum)

May 7th – 11th                               Teacher Appreciation Week

Thursday, May 10th                     Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Sunday, May 13th                         Mother’s Day

May 14th -18th                              ERB Testing

May 20th                                        End of the Year Picnic @ Magnolia                                                                 Plantation (3:30-5pm)