The Cooper School Daily

What A Wonderful Week!

Traveling to Africa with Jessica!

This week, our adventurous Fourth Graders took a fantastic tour through Morocco, Ghana, and Tanzania with Mrs. Jessica Manno! She brought rugs, artifacts and sweet mint tea from their family trips to Africa. Jessica showed a montage of videos and pictures to bring the trips to life. In Morocco, they engaged with the indigenous Berber people who live in the mountains. They ventured to the famous bazaar markets and learned about the Berber lifestyle. Mrs. Manno revealed to the class that Tanzania was all about exploring the amazing wildlife. She saw cheetahs, lions, hippos and giraffes, which were so close to their jeep, that they could almost touch them! Ghana was full of creative outlets for the Manno family and they frequently visited local schools to teach young students how to sew and bead! Please ask your child what they learned from this memorable presentation.


Last Round of Kayaking & SUP!

Our water enthusiasts were ready for the last field trip to the James Island County Park for kayaking and SUP! Each student has grown from this experience in numerous ways. They have learned to work effectively in groups, follow directions, persist through being vulnerable in a new setting and truly appreciating being immersed in nature. Fourth Graders have learned new skills and will have fond memories of sharing this experience with 5th Grade. Their positive growth mindset shined  through! Please ask your child what they remember most from the field trip.


Help us Find the Arc in the Story!

Fourth Grade scholars put on their literary detective hats to find the story arc in their Mystery novels. Their main objective, after reading in depth, was to create a story arc to help bring the mystery together. Students began drawing the arc and labeling the main components, which included the main character & problem, rising action, climax, falling action and finally the solution. The process allowed our class to use similar writing techniques and apply them to their developing story arc. Please ask your child to draw a story arc for you.


Important Dates:  

  • Monday, 5/20-Friday, 5/24 ERB Testing
  • Thursday, 5/30 5th Grade Graduation-Half Day
  • Friday, 5/31 Field Day-Half Day