The Cooper School Daily

What A Wonderful Week!

Oh What A Night

Thank you to all of the parents who came to Curriculum Night! We loved seeing you partake in the circuit building activity and creating your Favorite Part of the Day. The students loved reading your responses and got a kick out of the drawings. We hope that you enjoyed seeing your child’s Hopes and Dreams displayed in the classroom and the curriculum walls. We thoroughly enjoyed giving you an inside look into our daily regiment. Please talk with your child about one highlight from the evening. 

Recycled Straws for Math

Fourth Grade mathematicians were intrigued by the recycled straws and twist ties set up at their tables on Tuesday morning. Students were instructed to create specific angles with their materials. Our class successfully modeled obtuse, right and acute angles in a timely manner. 4th Graders were encouraged to use the correct terminology when describing the angles, using terms such as vertex and rays. The next challenge of the morning was to measure the perimeter and area of the classroom! What a glorious sight to see the students working in groups to complete this challenge. Please ask your child about angles and how the straw activity helped them grasp geometric concepts. 

Gracious Gardeners 

This week, Fourth Graders planted edible plants in the school garden box. Students were excited to take part in this hands on activity. Our playground is a special space for The Cooper School community and we wanted to beautify our section of the garden box by contributing mint, basil and begonias. Students put on their gardening gloves and took turns carefully digging in the dirt. They love taking care of the plants and watering them daily. Students had mixed reactions to how the edible petals of the Begonias tasted. Some made funny faces and others wanted more. Please ask your child about their experience in the new garden. 

Important Dates: 

Monday, 10/14 Fall Break (No School) 

Thursday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival  (10:00 am-11:30 am)


Ms. Erica and Ms. Kara