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What’s a Sonnet?

Food Webs

Fifth Grade scientists started a new unit this week, Living Systems! We were introduced to the biosphere system and started diving deep into food webs and the interactions between living organisms and their environments. On Thursday students mapped out a food web using the organisms in the wooded biome. They learned more about producers, consumers, and decomposers to help them with the flow of a simple food web.



Poetry is in full sing at The Cooper School! Fifth Graders have been awaiting this unit all year. This week poets were introduced to sonnets.. A sonnet is a poem that consists of 14 lines with 10 syllables in each line. This is a very structured poem and students felt challenged when they experimented with this type of poetry. Our poets love challenges, so they took these “rules” and ran with them!

Finding Volume

This week Fifth Grade mathematicians found the volume of objects that were not perfect prisms. We experimented with oranges, limes, a toy zebra, etc. We were introduced to words like calibrate and displacement. To complete this activity, students “calibrated” a 2-liter bottle that held water and had a measurement line in milliliters on the side. Objects were placed in the bottle and students were able to see how many milliliters the objects were by how much the water rose. Students then converted millimeters to centimeters cubed. This was a fun hands-on activity that was a great representation of finding volume by using the displacement method!

Important Dates

  • March 25-29 Spring Break
  • Saturday, April 6- Spring Planting Party