The Cooper School Daily

What’s happening in First Grade?

Solids and Liquids

This week, First Grade scientists spent time investigating a variety of solids including; cornmeal, rice, lima beans, pinto beans, and mung beans. These scholars compared this group of solids to liquids they have previously investigated, by observing what happens when each one is poured into different containers. First Grade scientists discovered that solids can be poured like liquids but do not flow in the same way. They learned that these “bits and pieces” of solids are known as “particles”. Science partners collaborated to find ways to separate different combinations of particles using screens of different sizes. 

S.E.L: Self-Regulation

Students have continued to learn about self- regulation and learning strategies to regulate their bodies and minds when they have certain feelings.  Students have been working on creating My Feelings Book, where they write what makes them feel certain emotions and strategies to use to help them cope with these emotions.  This morning, students got into small groups and shared their coping strategies with each other.  It was great to see them teaching each other strategies!

End of Day Centers

Students continue to look forward to participating in Centers at the end of each day.  Not only are these centers fun, but they help students build on their cooperative play and social skills.  Students are continuing to learn to work together and solve conflicts during Centers.  This week, students are making tie-dyed butterflies, hunting for beads in play-doh, and sharpening their math skills with an addition game! 

Important Dates:

Friday, May 7:½ Day- Virtual Pass It On (viewing information will be sent home soon)

Monday, May 31:  No School- Memorial Day