The Cooper School Daily

What’s Happening in Third Grade !!!

Social Studies

WOW! What a week in Social Studies! Students have been putting the final touches on their “speeches” in the Change Makers project. We have been learning how to take our notes and put them into our own words, as well as avoiding making “lists” or just copying down our notes without adding any emotion. We are also making our final copies of our Change Maker timelines!


This week in Centers Third Graders designed their own “All About Me” brochure and did a “Room On the Broom” activity. Scholars drew a detailed picture of themselves and wrote some of their favorite foods, places, people, and things to do. Third Graders even included things that make them unique. We can’t wait to add more to our “All About Me” brochures!


Third Graders are finishing up their nonfiction-writing stories this week! Students love the idea of being teachers and writing about a topic they know a lot about.Scholars put on their final details and edits and typed their final copies. Our scholars are so proud of the amount of chapters they wrote for their books and the title pages they drew. We can’t wait for you to read them.

Important Dates:

Halloween Carnival- October 29 (11:30 dismissal)

November 3- Picture Day

November 5- Change Maker Presentation – 9:00 am