The Cooper School Daily

Whats Happening in Third !

Hi Tech, High Touch

Third Graders were thrilled to have a visit from High Tech, High Touch. Mrs. Liberty came to do hands-on experiments to explore how sound waves work. Students investigated how vibrations travel through gas, solids, and liquids. Using the whole classroom as a test source, students used tuning forks to explore how sound travels through all types of solids. The most interesting discovery is how it travels through our own body! We ended by discussing how the ear works as our sound receiver.

Rocket Math

Third Graders love Rocket Math! Rocket Math is a program that helps students gain automaticity with their basic math facts. The expectation is that students know their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts as fast as they can read a number.

Rocket Math is an everyday practice that involves five minutes of individual practice on the iPad.  They begin at the letter A and move through all the basic facts until they master it and complete letter Z. Ask your child what letter they are on today!


This week scholars started off grammar by reviewing what a noun is. Scholars knew right away it was a person, place, or thing. Third graders came together during Morning Meeting and wrote their favorite noun. Students’ nouns ranged from family to animals, and their favorite places.

Important Dates:

Fall Break- October 18 & 19 (No School)