The Cooper School Daily

What’s new in Fourth Grade?

Social Studies

Fourth Graders have been doing a lot of research this week! We have jumped head first into the American Revolution and we are learning so many new things about the creation of our country! Students have spent this week deep diving into their very own topics of interest! We’ve learned about a few key events leading up to the Revolution. Some of these events are The French and Indian War, The Proclamation of 1763, The Stamp Act, The Townshend Act, and The Boston Massacre! We are also looking forward to our first out-of-school field trip next week to learn about Charleston’s role in the American Revolution!


Our Fourth Grade readers have been doing a lot of reading this week! We are reading to build our knowledge of the American Revolution. We have many baskets of books in our classroom for students to read and take notes on to gain more information about their topics for their research papers!


Writers have been working on something very exciting this week; Research Papers! Writing and Social Studies are partnering up during this unit to write research papers about a topic in the American Revolution. Students have picked their own specific topic with the American Revolution to write these papers on. We are so excited to read the finished products!

Important Dates:

  • December 14: Field Trip to The Old Exchange Building
  • December 16:  2,3,4 Movie Night (5pm-8pm)
  • December 17: Holiday Extravaganza (10:30am)-  11:30 dismissal
  • December 20-January 3: Winter Break