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Whole School Writing!

Whole-School Writing Workshop

This week was special at The Cooper School, because on Monday we had our annual Whole-School Writing Workshop. This unique morning allows our youngest students to work alongside our oldest on writing poetry inspired by our Pass-It-On charity. This year proceeds from Pass-It-On will benefit Surfrider Foundation, which preserves and protects our nation’s beaches and coastlines.

tribute writing 2


Fourth Grade was introduced to constellations this week during Science. They learned that constellations are groups are stars that move in predictable patterns throughout the night sky over the course of a year. Students also discovered why you can see the constellation, Orion, in the winter night sky but not in the summer night sky. See if your child can explain the reason for this to you!

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On Thursday, 4th and 5th grade teamed up for another group Writing Workshop. During this time, students from different grade levels read each other’s poetry and conferenced with peers and teachers about possible revisions. By the end of the class, all 4th and 5th graders had three fantastic poems ready to submit to the Pass-It-On Selection Committee that will be meeting the week after Spring Break.


Important Dates:

  • Friday March 25th– April 1st                       Spring Break
  • Thursday, April 14th                                     TCS Silent Auction
  • Friday, May 6th                                              Grandparent’s Day
  • Friday, May 6th                                              Pass-It-On