The Cooper School Daily

Whooohaaaaa! Why do we enjoy being scared?

Middle school scholars have been thinking and talking about spooky Halloween…but what makes thinking about scary stories and costumes so fun?

Part of the reason we think Halloween is fun is because our brains know we’re safe. The body also releases dopamine when we’re scared, creating a state of arousal similar to when we’re excited. To create more dopamine, we talked about October Optimism and what we love about fall. We also told scary personal (and some elaborated) spooky stories….just for a dopamine boost!

What’s happening in Science:
Our scientists are working diligently on their TedTalks this week! Everyone has defined the problem they are focusing on and how they are going to research! It has been invigorating to guide them through their interests and then watch them dive into books, articles, and videos about their topics. Very proud!

In Reading:
We are knee deep in our Non-Fiction study. Everything we are learning in Reading, such as how to research, is being practiced and utilized in Science and Writing. It is integrated curriculum at its finest. It’s been a pleasure watching our readers make connections that are imperative to higher education!

What is happening in Math:
6th grade mathematicians prepared for their Module 1 assessment, which we took on Friday. We are looking forward to going over the test together next week, and starting Module 2, dividing fractions! Click here for Module 2 Lessons 1-9 Parent Letter.

5th grade mathematicians have been using their understanding of area model multiplication to apply concepts and link area model multiplication to the standard algorithm form of multiplication. Click here for Module 2 Lessons 10-13 Parent Letter.

Important Dates:
October 30th- Halloween Celebration- 11:30 Dismissal
November 6th- Distance Learning Day
November 9th & 10- Conferences