The Cooper School Daily

Why I Teach… Aquavius Franklin

“Why do I Teach?”

First of all, I love kids, and helping them learn new things every day brings me so much happiness. Being a teacher gives me the power to make children’s lives better. Learning opens doors to new opportunities, ways of thinking, and paths in life. Teachers have a very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young children. 

Since Middle School, I have been working with kids in summer camps and after school tutoring. I worked at various Afterschool programs all throughout college which just sparked my interest in teaching even more. The more I worked with kids, and saw the joy of them learning new things, I just knew it was my calling. The only thing left was to find the perfect school.

In August 2018, I was lucky enough to join The Cooper School. Since working here, I have gained so much knowledge, leadership skills, and the ability to grow daily. The Cooper School is not only a school, but also a family that provides the best education and moral support for its students and teachers. I love that I am able to work at a school that teaches with respect and focuses on the emotional intelligence of the child. I am so grateful to be able to teach here and learn from incredible teachers and build close bonds with all our students in our small TCS community.