The Cooper School Daily

Back to School Night!

I grew up in a family of educators. Therefore even as a young child, I knew I would be an elementary school teacher. I dreamed of teaching in my own classroom one day. I wanted to foster a love of learning by creating a classroom where students would feel free to take risks and accept challenges. My dream became a reality and I began teaching in public schools. I taught with very talented and well-educated instructors. Year after year, my classroom was packed (literally) with a wide range of creativity and brilliance. Through my accomplishments there, I had come to believe I was a seasoned and successful teacher. Many teachers would even consider this an ideal working environment.  And then I became a mother of a little girl who was nearing school age and my perspective on education changed abruptly.  It became impossible to look at education through any eyes other than that of a mother.

When you think about where your child is going to spend the majority of their time, the various influences on them daily, and the type of education they will receive you become very critical of the little details you never seemed to notice. The details began to concern me. I began searching for something more and while doing so I recognized my values as both a teacher and a parent. I realized I value tailor knit curriculum created to meet every individual need in the classroom.  I value teaching the noble traits of compassion, empathy, and inclusiveness. I value teaching practices that don’t just have a “one size fits all” model. I value when children’s talents are celebrated through artwork and presentations that demonstrate the depth of learning versus typical “I’m a super kid” award ceremonies. Many schools claim that this is an integral part of their approach, but until The Cooper School, without fail, it has always been lip service. The Cooper School actually puts what I value into practice every single day.

In August of 2015, I was lucky enough to join The Cooper School.  In a very short time I have become aware how fortunate I was to find TCS and how lucky our little community is to have each other. As a teacher, I am not only encouraged, but challenged to exceed my limits of creativity, communication, and education.  As a mother I get to watch my little girl thrive in a place that pushes her through individualized curriculum, encourages her to be unique, and insists on her being herself. In my mind, the best gift I can give her is knowing she is receiving the tools, confidence and enthusiasm to realize her potential.


Kelly Porter 

2nd Grade Teacher