The Cooper School Daily

Why We Chose The Cooper School

My husband and I have always agreed that our number one goal for our daughter’s education is to find a school that truly nurtured her love of learning. If she could graduate 5th grade, and not only still love to learn but also know how to learn (versus just memorizing info for tests), then, in our opinion, she would be set up to continue to be a happy, intellectually curious, successful person. 
Finding The Cooper School was truly serendipitous for us. We originally were looking to move to a better school district (we currently live in a failing one) so our daughter could go to a good public school. However, after the October 2015 flooding, our house was so damaged that it took 6 months of repairs in order to get it in living condition, much less sellable condition. By that time, it was spring of our daughter’s kindergarten year and we knew we needed to start looking at private schools (because of this delay with our house). We adventured on an exhaustive search of the private schools in our area. The Cooper School truly felt like home to us. Our daughter immediately loved the physical and emotional space that TCS provided.
It is obvious when you arrive that these educators are not only exceptional teachers, but that they incorporate relevant and current research into their teaching on an academic, emotional, social and psychological level. They truly make learning fun! I’m not kidding when I say that everyday when I pick her up, she’s literally bouncing into the car, eager to tell me about what she’s done that day. I love that TCS understands and reinforces that kids need to move their bodies as part of their learning process. Learning for all of us is better retained when we enjoy what we are involved in, right? I’ve talked with several parents whose children attend TCS, and we all agree, “I wish I could go there!”  I’m grateful that as a family, we can deeply engage in our daughter’s education while preserving flexibility for our family life.
As a parent and a psychotherapist, I am proud to be part of this 21st century, best practices approach to education that empowers children and nurtures their innate curiosity.  
                               – Solange Swafford, Grade 1 Parent