The Cooper School Daily

Wiggly Jiggly Worms!

unnamed_copyObserving Red Worms

Kindergarten scientists have been observing the structures and behaviors of red worms during science this week. Our young scientists observed and identified the parts of the red worm and labeled them on a diagram. We investigated and studied the world of the wiggly worm by observing their behavior and how they move. Kindergarteners noticed that worms stretch their bodies to move and curl up “like snakes”. Ask your young scientist what they observed about red worms this week!

We Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

During Reader’s Workshop, Kindergarten readers have been busy working with their “peanut butter and jelly” partners. Peanut butter and jelly partners are busy learning how to sit knee-to-knee and eye to eye while they do a picture walk and track works with their magic fingers. Your young readers are working hard to learn all the skills needed to be great readers.


Our young writers have been hard at work learning how to properly form their “Frog Jump Capital Letters.” These include: F, E, P, B, R, N and M. All of these letters start the same way with a “big line” down from the top left corner. Writers have learned to draw a line from the top to the bottom and then pick up their pencil to “frog jump” back up to make the next line. Kindergarteners have been practicing following these steps to make their “Frog Jump Capitals.” Ask your child what they know about “Frog Jump” capitals. Do they have any in their own names?