The Cooper School Daily

Winter Break !!!!


In Phonics, our word detectives have been solving special cases. We have been exploring word contractions and compound words. Our scholars went on a reading hunt looking for word contractions such as I’m, We’re, You’re, and many more. Our detectives also learned how Compound words have smaller words in them to make a bigger word. Ask your scholar to show you these new words they have learned.


Our readers have just finished our Building Good Reading Habits unit!  Students learned and practiced habits of good readers, good habits when reading with a partner, and good habits for solving tricky words.  At the end of the unit, each student chose one habit to continue working on.  Please be sure to refer to this chart when your scholar gets stuck on a word!

Holiday Migrations

Our Scholars have really enjoyed learning all about Hanukkah!  They are so excited to sing “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” to our TCS peers.  This week we colored Menorahs for our presentation, learned about other holidays celebrated around the world, and received special Hanukkah gifts from the families of Mercer and Frieda.  Thank you so much for your generosity!  

Important Dates: 

December 19th- January 4th- Winter Break

Tuesday, January 5th- Students return to school!