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Winter Fun!

Science Presentation








After weeks of studying water and with just one week to prepare, Third Graders were thrilled to share their personal water investigations with the class. Students were allotted three minutes to present their experiment, diorama, poster, or other medium that they chose to show what they were investigating. Some students used iPads to take pictures or make an iMovie. Others constructed dioramas or models of the water cycle, the layers of the ocean, and possible water powered machines. Still others tested how to make ice sink or whether hot or cold water weighs more. It was amazing to see these Third Graders follow their interests to explore different aspects of water, and all of them did a wonderful job of presenting them to the class this week.

Pajama Day

A favorite tradition at The Cooper School is Pajama Day! Each year, on the last day before Winter Break, students are allowed to come to school in their pajamas. This goes hand in hand with our annual Pajama Drive, in which students take part in collecting pajamas for children in need in our community. This year, students were able to collect even more pajamas than last year and they will be donated to Lowcountry Orphan Relief. Thank you for participating in this annual drive!

Holiday Centers

Third Graders teamed up with Fourth and Fifth Graders on Thursday to do holiday themed centers. Working in mixed age groups, students got to move through a variety of centers. They enjoyed acting out a Christmas story in Reader’s Theater. They used their math skills to create the correct angle of snowflake folding and for playing Bump It multiplication.

 Their writing skills were put to work in a listening center to see what holiday songs sparked memories. Everyone also enjoyed yarn crafts, including making snowflakes, finger knitting, and pom pom ornaments. You may even see a holiday card come home this week! This was a wonderful mingle and jingle center time!


Important Dates:

  • Friday, December 22nd                     Winter Break Begins
  • Thursday, January 4th, 2018                       Return to School