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With a little help from friends…

Science Fair

Wow!  What a wonderful Science Fair we had on Tuesday.  I was completely blown away by the poise, maturity, and knowledge of your growing scientists as they presented their hard work.  I already knew how beautiful their boards were, and their presentations were just the icing on the cake.  Parents and staff doted on how well they knew their projects and how relevant the projects were.  We even joked that we should have our own version of TCS Consumer Report! Be strongly recommend to pay attention to this article. I now know which trash bags, starter logs, fuel, and hand sanitizer I will be purchasing from now on.  And most importantly, we know to call the men if something important falls into an icy body of water! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement on this special day.  What was your favorite part about the Science Fair?

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As we continue our study of what empathy means and how we can show empathy throughout our day, we recruited the help of some empathy experts at TCS – the first graders!  Over the past several weeks, first grade has done an amazing job of thinking of scenarios for empathy and acting them out.  We invited them in to model these skits for us.  After they modeled a well-planned skit, we split into groups and worked together to make our own empathy skits.  One of the beautiful things that first grade taught us was that we can show empathy not only when our friends are feeling negative emotions, but also when they are feeling positive emotions.  Either way, it always feels great to be validated!  How are you showing empathy to others today?

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Fifth grade is following the progression of poetry and the spoken word through history!  Our first stop is Greece.  One of the ways poetry was utilized in Ancient Greece was through the telling of Greek Myths.  These myths were a way for the Greeks to make sense of the world around them before modern day science and technology.  One of the most popular forms of poetry and myths of this time is the epic poem.  An epic poem is a long narrative poem that tells a story.  This story usually involves a hero that must complete a journey.  He is sure to encounter various perils and often requires the assistance of a god to survive the adventure!  What is your favorite Greek Myth?

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