The Cooper School Daily

Wonder, wonder on the wall

Wonder, wonder on the wall, what’s the most interesting of them all…? 

Middle School scholars have been exploring their own wonders, but also taking the role as “the experts” as they answer the Kindergarteners’ and First Graders’ curiosities! Thinking outside the box in advisory has brought enthusiasm and creativity into other subjects! 

What’s happening in Science:

Middle School Scientists have been layering liquids and calculating density this week! They are applying their new knowledge about density by experimenting with convection. We also have been recording our beautiful weather and will be starting a daily weather forecast show.

This week in Reading:

We are finishing up our unit on the Deep Study of Characters. The Middle School readers have been investigating how the psychology of a place shifts and how those shifts affect characters. They also have done a beautiful job noticing how the setting affects the characters. They all wrote stories taking place in different settings, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, Time Square, a tent in the woods, a barn…and many more. I’m sure your son or daughter would love to share their story!

What’s going on in Writing:

This week writers have been working hard preparing for our Narrative Writing Publishing Party! As our narrative writing unit came to an end, we took the opportunity to celebrate each writer’s final publishing over Google Meet with Miss Renee’s Third Grade class. It was such a fun new way to connect and share with younger writers! 


Mathematicians got to experience coding “Dash” this week. It sure was a fun way to conceptualize math and make meaning of what math might look like in the real world! 

Important Dates
September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night

October 2nd-5th grade Module 1 Math Test
October 9th- Distance Learning Day

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)

November 6th- Distance Learning Day