The Cooper School Daily

Wonderful Readers!

Fractions in Math

Fourth Graders divided and conquered fraction problems in Unit 3! Our mathematicians explored equivalent fractions through equal sharing and created fractions on number lines. We discussed different solutions and students used fraction pieces to bring a visual element to each lesson. Students worked in big and small groups to help identify interesting number patterns they saw in fraction pairs equal to ½. Please ask your child how to identify fractions in everyday life. 

Reading Partners

This week students partnered up with their peers to take turns reading aloud the popular book, “The Odyssey.” Our students enjoy the act of reading aloud and it showed as we observed this activity in class. Reading aloud to each other bestows a sense of purpose for each 4th Grader and strengthens connections within our class. Listening skills were critical for creating a successful partnership. Please ask your child who their reading partner was for the week. 

Culture Cards in Social Studies

Greek and Egyption Culture Cards took center stage in Social Studies this week. Students have been transforming keen knowledge of Ancient Greece and Egypt into vivid culture cards. The categories included food, clothing, transportation, celebrations and shelter. Scholars wrote a description and illustrated their research on each card. The process of creating culture cards prepares scholars for future writing, research and project assignments where they examine different cultures around the world, gather knowledge about social norms, government systems, and the role of citizenship in unique populations. Please ask your child about their culture cards. 

Important Dates: 

Monday-Tuesday, 11/11-11/12 Parent Teacher Conferences 

Tuesday, 11/12 Grandparents Day (10:00am-11:30am)