The Cooper School Daily

Wonderful Start

Classroom Routines

This week was all about getting to know the classroom, routines, and friends! In order to have a smooth year, we slow things down in the beginning to really understand the routines and expectations of the new classroom, grade level, and teacher. This includes how to navigate through the school, where things are and how to get them, and acceptable volume levels. Once everyone understands the expectations we are able to move through our day happily and do more fun things. Third Graders made the transition into their new classroom with joy and confidence, ready to start a great year!

Class Pet

Third Grade animal lovers enjoyed learning about their new class pet, Jerry, the gerbil! Students read books, articles, and watched a movie to learn more about gerbils and their care. Taking care of Jerry is a class job, with each student taking a turn being in charge of feeding him, changing his water, and cleaning his cage. Petting Jerry and watching him run around in his ball was definitely a highlight of the week. Ask your student what the difference is between gerbils and hamsters!






This week, third graders got to pair up with different grade buddies for several different activities. We joined Second and Fifth Grade for lunch buddies and a backyard scavenger hunt. We joined Fourth and Fifth Grade for snack and Movement buddies. This buddy time is a great way to make new friends or get reacquainted with old ones. Students love this time when they get to branch out and play with students from other grades and leads them to feel more comfortable playing with these other students later on. Lunch Buddies is something we will return to throughout the year.




Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 4th        Labor Day, No School
  • Saturday, September 16th    TCS Yard Sale 8am – 12 pm
  • Sunday, September 17th      New Parent Social 5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, September 28th      Curriculum Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm