The Cooper School Daily

Wonderful Writers!


This week, your mathematicians began the American Tour section of their 5th grade curriculum. The American Tour is a component of the Everyday Math curriculum that provides students with the skills they need to read maps, interpret political and statistical information, and analyze big numbers. In the first lesson, 5th graders read an excerpt about the U.S. census and why it is important. Then, they filled out a census of their own! They learned that the census is useful in planning cities, schools, parks, and other resources.


This week 5th Graders began a brand new unit during Writing Workshop that combines several different genres of writing within one. By the end of this unit, students will have written a memoir, a style of writing that combines elements of narrative and essay Photo_Oct_16,_10_13_23_AMwriting together. This is complicated work that demands students to dig deep into their thoughts and pull out issues and ideas that are truly important to them.


It has happened again. Our elusive Oreo has escaped the safety and comfort of her terrarium! 5th graders came to school on Wednesday morning to an empty cage and pet-less classroom. We are all sad and worried that she is gone, but also interested in all the adventures she is having. You may have heard that Oreo escaped last year for 8 weeks before being found. We do hope we will have the same outcome this time! In the meantime, a sweet Kindergartener has written us a book about Oreo to cheer us up!