The Cooper School Daily

Wonders in Fourth!

Photos Below: Students investigated their wonders on the Ancient Egypt Wonder Wall and are beginning to answer their wonders about Ancient Greece!

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies, Fourth Grade scholars began their Ancient Greece culture packet.  In their studies, scholars learned about the shelter of the Ancient Greeks, the designated spaces in their homes, and the materials they were constructed with.  Students learned that most transportation in Ancient Greece was primarily on foot due to the mountainous terrain of the country. 

Specials – Movement : In Movement with Miss Kyndall, students rotated through timed centers for a crossfit like experience! Centers included windmill toe touches, jumping jacks, sit ups, jogging in place, and lunges!  This was a fun way to get our body moving!

Reading Workshop 

This week Fourth Grade readers began “Tales From the Odyssey” by Mary Pope Osborne.  In keeping with our theme of Ancient Civilizations, we follow brave Odysseus through the ultimate test of endurance and courage.  If he ever wants to see his family again, he will have to face hungry cannibals, outwit a beautiful witch, and sail past a six-headed serpent! This retelling of Homer’s Odyssey remains one of the most epic adventure stories of all time!

Important Dates: 

October 30- TCS Halloween Celebration! 11:30 am dismissal

November 6th- Distance Learning Day

November 9th & 10th- Parent/Teacher Conferences