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Word Detectives !!!!

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies our scholars took a deeper look at the Australian Aboriginals. Scholars learned some interesting facts about the culture of the aboriginal peoples. These people have different art, culture, storytelling, and a strong spiritual belief. There were over 300 different aboriginal languages spoken in the 1780s, but now just 75 remain. Ask your scholar what they thought was the most interesting thing about the Aboriginal people’s culture.


Our Scholars are training to become Word Detectives! They are continuing to learn strategies to use to solve tricky words when reading.  Our new unit focuses on using snap words to help them solve these tricky words.  This week, our scholars practiced these skills by playing “Guess the Covered Word” and “Word Wall I Spy.”  They had so much fun working together! 


SAVE THE DATE!  On Thursday, Feb. 25 and Friday, Feb. 26, our Scholars will be presenting their publication of The Cooper School Opinion Pages! Our scholars have been writing reviews of books, movies, toys, restaurants, etc. and learning strategies to convince their readers to agree with them.  We will be sharing our writing with you via Zoom on Feb. 25 and Feb.  Please check your email next week for more details! 

Important Dates:

  • February 15-February 16-February Break: No School
  • February 25-February 26- Opinion Pages Publishing Party – more information to follow!