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Work and Play in Fourth!

Photos Below: Fourth Graders balance work and play in their research and outdoor game of tag!

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies, Fourth Graders began a new project in their American Revolution Unit. Scholars simulated a Town Hall scenario taking place in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1774 where they created unique characters that lived during this period. Students were sorted into groups of Loyalists, Patriots or Undecided Citizens. After messages were exchanged and discussed at Town Hall meetings regarding recent events, scholars wrote diary entries from their character’s perspective.  

Writing Workshop

This week’s Writing Workshop focuses on our American Revolution research topics. Students were assigned both a figure and event during this period and have taken a deep dive into their sources. Scholars are utilizing their chromebooks to create a diverse list of sources including books, periodicals, and historical documents.  They are learning how to cite these sources in their research.  

Class Pet Needs: 

Our beloved hamster, Butters, is in need of a few supplies for his cage.  If you would like to order hamster fluff or hamster food to contribute to our class, we have included the links below.  Thank you!

Hamster Food

Hamster Fluff

Important Dates: 

December 18th – Pajama Day 11:30 Dismissal

December 19th – January 4th-  Winter Break

January 5th- Students return to school