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Working Towards Excellence!

Second Grade went on a study trip to Caw Caw Interpretative Center. They learned all about the “cash crop”, indigo, how it was profitable before the American Revolution, and the step-by-step process taken to turn it into dye. Students then used the indigo dye to make “Tie-dye” shirts.

After learning about indigo, the class hiked through the temperate forestCaw CAw Hike and wetlands that would have been the natural habitat of the indigenous people of this area. Students investigated the many tools found in nature that would have been used for survival. Brave scholars even got to try on a dear skin that would have been used for clothing in the winter or perhaps camouflage while hunting! Students were astonished when they learned that the inside of the hide had been smoothed out with the deer’s brain! Most importantly, scholars walked away from this engaging hands-on experience with the knowledge of the truly unique ways that Native Americans used available resources and treated nature with respect.

On Monday during Whole School Morning Meeting, students were introduced to the phrase “striving for 100 percent accuracy”. Achieving 100 percent accuracy isn’t about being perfect or never making mistakes. When a student attempts to be “error-free”, they don’t take chances, but instead focus on the wrong things and never move forward. The phrase “striving for accuracy” is about trying to obtain excellence in everything you do. Accuracy is about doing efficient work that people can count on. When students work towards accuracy, they build confidence and learn from their mistakes. They take pride in the work they have done then eagerly move onto the next challenge.

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 18th          No School – MLK Jr. Birthday

Tuesday, January 19th        Study Trip – Gaillard Center

Friday, January 29th             Art Walk