The Cooper School Daily

Working Towards Reading Goals!



This week in Reading Workshop we discussed habits of good readers as they continued with their Kevin Henkes study. Students learned that good readers not only identify the main character in story but the relationship between characters and how they interact in the story. Second Graders practiced these skills during independent reading time or SSR. We also reviewed how to choose a “just right” book. The class will continue practicing SSR, adding one minute each week until we reach our goal of 20 minutes of silent reading.


Caw Caw Interpretative Center


Second Grade went on a study trip to Caw Caw Interpretative Center. They learned all about the “cash crop” indigo, how it was profitable before the American Revolution, and the step-by-step process taken to turn it into dye. Students then used the indigo dye to make “Tie-dye” shirts.


After learning about indigo, the class hiked through the temperate forest and wetlands that would have been the natural habitat of the indigenous people of this area. Students investigated the many tools found in nature that would have been used for survival. Brave scholars even got to try on a dear skin that would have been used for clothing in the winter or perhaps camouflage while hunting! Students were astonished when they learned that the inside of the hide had been smoothed out with the deer’s brain! Most importantly, scholars walked away from this engaging hands-on experience with the knowledge of the truly unique ways that Native Americans used available resources and treated nature with respect.


Important Dates:


Monday, January 16th                      MLK Day- No School

Wednesday, January 25th             James and the Giant Peach-Study Trip

Friday, January 27th                         The Art Walk 8:00am-9:00am