The Cooper School Daily

Working With Words!

Word Workers
Kindergarteners have been working hard learning new letters and reading and spelling new words! This week, we introduced a new game called Word Work to our phonics time. Word Work helps us practice the letters and sounds that we have been learning so we can become strong readers and spellers. During this activity, we use our magnetic letters and letter trays to do Word Work and always use our very best listening ears! Ask your brave Word Worker to tell you all about our new game!

Walk In My Shoes
Students were so excited to finish their first TCS projects this week, all about them! We learned all about each other, from inside to outside qualities. Using shoes as their canvas, Kindergarteners created a work of art including their favorite things: colors, animals, foods, and activities! We are so excited to invite the whole school to take a Walk in Their Shoes to see the world through the eyes of a Kindergartener!

Kindergarteners were so excited to dive into clusters this week! The Cooper School is divided up into clusters, with students from each grade level. This Wednesday, we were excited for our first chance to meet our friends for Cooper Cluster lunch. Clusters have lunch together once a month to build a sense of community across grade levels. We were so proud to see Kindergarteners bravely introduce themselves and create relationships with their older peers.

Important Dates:
September 23rd – Charleston Battery Family Fun Night
September 29th – Middle School Information Session (8:15-9:00)
October 9th-10th – Fall Break (No School)